One Fact about the Geo Storm, brought to You by Geostorm

Full Disclosure: Warner Brothers has paid me the sum of $15 for this article. (The check of which I've been promised is on its way)

The Geo Storm was really GM's first attempt at a budget sporty car, the torch of which would be carried by such great cars as the Cavalier Z24 and Sonic Turbo. Here is something about the storm that you maybe didn't already know.

It was Based on the Isuzu Impulse

Much like Geostorm is a cheap copy of every Roland Emmerich film, ever, the Geo Storm was a cheap copy of the Isuzu Piazza/ Impulse. The impulse is famous for having badges that read, "Handling by Lotus." In fact, the Impulse was partially based on a Lotus concept, and they were also responsible for designing the car's suspension. I assume Lotus was really desperate to get paid at the time. The top model Impulse also came with turbocharged all-wheel-drive power. The Storm, of course, didn't end up with any of that.


Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler and Andy Garcia, is in theaters now.