Elon Musk announces Tesla Model 3 Re-Launch

On November 1st, 2017, Tesla released its quarterly earnings report, showing record spending. The next day, Tesla shares skyrocketed downward by almost 8%. Despite the good news, many "journalists" are skeptical of Tesla's abilities to meet Model 3 production. After all, Tesla has only built a quarter of the cars they set out to make.

Now, a genius like Elon Musk knows how to take a negative, and spin it in his favor. During the quarterly conference call, he let the investors in on his plan to fix the Model 3's production foibles.

So, sorry, one minute, I have a bit of a cold, so, yes I’m actually – we’re doing this call from the Gigafactory because that’s where the production constraint is for Model 3, the most important thing for the company, and I always move my desk to wherever – well, I don’t really have a desk, actually. I move myself to wherever the biggest problem is in Tesla, so I’m at – I really believe that one should lead from the front lines and that’s why I’m here.

First of all, I want to let everyone know that we will be pushing back the release of the Model 3 to October of 2018. All current Model 3 owners will be given a “Beta” designation, and will be sent a complimentary Tesla Tester’s toothbrush. By the launch date, we are hoping to manufacture at least 8 or 900 Model 3s.

Wow! Leave it to a man as brilliant as Elon Musk to have such a brilliant idea. Not only does it keep the investors happy, but it also makes the cars that have been slapped together that much more exclusive! The toothbrush alone makes being an early adopter more than worth it.