The Top 5 Camrys at SEMA 2017

It's that time of year again, SEMA season, and that means Toyota once again shows off the best custom Camrys that they could whip up the week before the show. Did they build a Camry on a NASCAR chassis, like they did in 2010? Well... no, but these ones are pretty cool too, I guess.

5. The White One


After some fender flares, stretched tires, and a racing stripe treatment, it's clear that this Camry is ready to hit the track. NASCAR racer Denny Hamlin also made sure to include custom Recaro seats, so the driver can stay planted while pulling some serious lateral G's.


4. The Purple One


This devilish Toyota by former Top Gear: Florida star Rutledge Wood is a stunner in Welch's Grape Purple. Eagle-eyed enthusiasts will also notice the drilled rotors that ensure this violet dreamboat will stop just as fast as it goes. These rotors are accompanied by green brake calipers, which almost conjure images of the Porsche 918. I gotta say, if I had to choose between the keys to a 918, and this Camry, I'd pick the decades best selling mid-size sedan.

3. The Black One


Now, this is the understated gem of the list. Black on black on black. The only real body modification is a small spoiler at the rear. This is just how I would prefer my own Camry, with nothing to reveal that it is packing 300 horses under the hood. This Camry was clearly built to the specifications of a stone-cold badass.

2. The other White One


It's a Camry on rims. It has a red interior.

1. The Red One


From the very start, there was no doubt in my mind that this would be number one. This Camry was very clearly a passion project for the builders, and you can see it in the results. I could hardly even tell that this started out as a 2018 Camry. Everything from the wheels, to the interior, to every single body panel is custom. Although I would've given the car a little less rubber trim, and a lot more gaping vent holes, I cannot fault the hours and hours of work that went into this Camry. It's what SEMA is all about.