Motor Friend's Best of 2017

Like any respectable publication, we are using the end of the year as an excuse to copy and paste content we've already written into a list format. Without further ado, here are highlights of an amazing year!

A Look into the Amish Street Racing Scene

Jeremiah Joseph: the nation's most wanted Amish street racer

Jeremiah Joseph: the nation's most wanted Amish street racer

On the dirt roads of Pennsylvania, there exists a seedy underground of Amish thrill-seekers, tricking out their wagons to go as fast as they can. Some of these carts can have as much as four horsepower. The bearded rebels have little regard for the law, racing up public streets at 40 miles per hour.

Mazda RX-9 Information Leak


Documents were recently leaked by an alleged Mazda employee giving away data on Mazda's new RX car. Most of it was just boring stats: wheelbase, curb weight, etc... Who needs to know any of that? There was, however, an interesting bit of information that we found on this leak. Upon the RX-9's release in 2020, any customer who orders one from the factory will be able to spec it with their choice of Chevy small block.

Motor Friend's 2017 Car of the Year


Now, I'm just gonna be honest with you up front, Motor Friend doesn't get press passes, we don't get free cars, and we don't get any of that delicious, delicious, shrimp. In fact, the number of cars we've driven this year scores somewhere in the single digits. We do, however, get a copy of Motor Trend at the office every month, and their description of the Alfa Romeo Guilia made it seem so amazing, that we can't help but give it our Car of The Year award, as well.

10 Hilarious Car Memes, brought to You by Castrol


Infiniti goes back to its Roots, with Prototype 9


The always exciting automaker, Infiniti, revealed their Prototype 9, today. Those who've brushed up on their history will recall that Infiniti got its start in the early 90's by building 1930's style dirt track race cars. Unfortunately, the market for that sort of thing didn't even exist, and they had to turn to sedans and crossovers to pay the bills. The Prototype 9 hearkens back to those days, but it also gives a glimpse of the future, as the tiny Monopoly car is powered by a Nissan Leaf drivetrain.