Corolla Voted #1 Car for Suicidal Teenagers

Toyota's newest ad campaign for the Corolla is showing its drivers constantly trying, but failing, to kill themselves. This culminated in an ad where Toyota practically dared customers to end their lives.

I spoke with Jack Hollis, head of Toyota USA marketing, to ask why they would put such a thing on the air.

Y’know, the important sale is really to the parents. When you have a car with advanced safety features like the Corolla, you can show them that little Jimmy is gonna be safe. Even when he gets all depressed cause Cindy won’t go to the dance with him, he physically won’t be able to plow into oncoming traffic. Toyota is all about forcing people to continue their miserable existence so they can keep buying new cars. That’s what the “Keep Moving Forward” slogan was always about.
— Jack Hollis, Toyota USA