Geo Metro Driver Upgrades to Chevy Aveo

Barry McMahon, a 36 year old from Omaha Nebraska, bought his 1993 Geo Metro before leaving for college in 1998. It served him for 19 years and 280000 miles before a broken piston rod finally put it out of commission. 

Most GeoHeads would see this as a great tragedy, but Barry saw it as an opportunity to treat himself. He took $2000 that he was saving over 10 years, and found this beauty.

I wasn’t sure if I could find something to match my old Metro, but the folks at Los Super Autos were very helpful, and got me into this 2004 Aveo. I gotta tell ya, I didn’t realize how far cars had come. This baby’s got front disc brakes, a CD player, intermittent wipers, and power steering. I don’t know how they made this possible, but you don’t even have to shift gears. If I had known that this was the level of luxury being offered, I would’ve bought an Aveo 5 years ago.
— Barry McMahon, GameStop Employee