Complete Lincoln Navigator found in Georgia

Samuel Davidson, one of those guys that bids on abandoned storage units, was going about his usual day. Bidding on abandoned storage units, when he discovered a hidden gem of a bygone era.

This 2000 Lincoln Navigator is the most complete example we've seen in years. I can only imagine how lucky Samuel must feel right now.

The Lincoln Navigator was a staple of early 2000's pop culture, when it starred in the videos of hundreds of Atlanta rappers who couldn't afford an Escalade, but still wanted to flaunt their signing bonus. After the Great Rap Crash of 2006, most Gators were sold for scrap, or torched for insurance money. One found its way into a Stone Mountain storage locker, where it sat for 7 years. 

Samuel Davidson says he is going to vacuum out the rat feces, and take it to the Stone Mountain Auto Auction, where it could fetch upwards of $2000.

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