BMW Files Trademark for "Maxi Cooper"

Our source at the Berlin Patent Office told us yesterday that BMW officials had come by to register the name "Maxi Cooper." This trademark is obviously related to BMW's Mini line of vehicles, but what does it mean for the future of Mini?

Actually, we have no idea what it means for the future of Mini, so it's time for wild speculation!

Now, BMW does a lot of focus testing when developing a new car, and they know that consumers love the chunky styling, awkward interface, and manufactured obsolescence that Minis are known for. What they don't like is the size of the car, and every revision of the Mini Cooper has been larger than the last. The Maxi will be next logical step in this evolution. 

Artist's rendering of what the 2018 (2020?) Maxi may look like.

Artist's rendering of what the 2018 (2020?) Maxi may look like.

We guess that the Maxi will be X3 based, and use all the same engine options as that car. Let's also says it's getting a turbo V-12. That would be cool, wouldn't it? If you've previously wanted to purchase a Mini, but also needed ground clearance and towing capacity, then keep an eye on MotorFriend to stay updated on the new Maxi.