Donk Driver gets $2 Million in Sponsorship Deal

Quan Adams, of Alexandria Virginia, is well known in his community for his 1976 Chevy Caprice on 28 inch rims. The same car that he drives to and from work, and occasionally to the 7/11 to pick up some smokes. Quan's Caprice has been sponsored by Cheerios and Dos Equis in the past, but yesterday, he announced that he would be driving exclusively for Olive Garden in the coming season.

The Caprice's fresh new livery.

The Caprice's fresh new livery.

The sponsorship not only includes parts and maintenance, but also puts 2 Million dollars right into Quan's pocket. It's a hefty price, but Olive Garden's director of advertising assured that it was more than worth it for the brand to connect with an "urban" audience.

Quan had this to say about the new deal:

Y’know, the money’s cool and all, but I mostly have to thank the Olive Garden team for keeping us up and running. Last season alone we had to deal with three bent rims, and two wheel hub replacements. So, it’s nice to know we’ll be staying on the road this year. That’s almost as good a deal as the #UnlimintedBreadsticks you can get at any Olive Garden restaurant. Um, I’d also like to shoutout my cousin Ray in Baltimore, the BLT! His new mixtape’s gonna be droppin real soon.