Check out my Cousin's GTR

My cousin Ricky is the coolest! He just got this GTR for a steal. Ricky tells me it's got the turbo V8 option, so it puts out about 500 at the wheelshaft. These things aren't usually legal in the states, but Ricky knows a guy that got him the hookup. After he gets off his shift at the Steak n' Shake, Ricky takes it racing down 11th street. He tells me he whipped a Challenger BearCat at the stoplight last Thursday. Whenever I ask him to ride along, he makes excuses. I must not be cool enough, yet.

I've included a mod list based on what Ricky has told me.

Mod List:

  • Triple Cams
  • High Flow Alternator
  • Polymer Muffler Bearings
  • Air Intake Valves
  • Upgraded Referential
  • Kickass Subs
  • A Pillar Gauge Pod
  • Ground Effects