Rumor: Civic Si Better than Dodge Demon?

For years, Chrysler has been eyeing the performance benchmark set by the Honda Civic, and with the Challenger Demon, it seemed like they had finally reached that goal. However, some doubt has been cast in our minds after seeing this comment on a MotorWeek report of the new Si...

Although dobbins has no journalistic credentials, he or she has been spot on with previous comments calling the NSX "sucky," and predicting that Nissan would "probly never build an R36." With that track record, we're inclined to consider his or her words. I have to agree that the Civic would probably do 11s with the right amount of Turbo, and that's only two seconds shy of the Demon's 9.6 second quarter mile time. The Honda will also beat the Dodge to market by months, meaning that Chrysler will have to play to catch with the many Si's that are already flying off the shelves.

How will these big claims by an anonymous YouTube user stack up against already published facts and figures? Only time will tell.