Saab Comes Back... on Kickstarter

Saab was a manufacturer that appealed to the quirkier side of the population, with features such as, backwards engines, headlight wipers, and the scent of cat food. Saab maintained a cult following of econ professors throughout the 90's, but sales dropped in the 21st century, and parent company General Motors ceased production in 2012. They were then bought by National Electric Vehicle Sweden, which is majority owned by a Hong Kong firm, and haven't really been seen since.

Now, in 2017, NEVS has allowed a Kickstarter campaign for a Saab relaunch. Many Kickstarters have used nostalgia to reach into the pockets of rich bachelors. It's only natural for an automotive company to want a piece of the pie.


Below is a transcript of backer perks:

$10 - Official Saab Pin

Wear this commemorative pin proudly during your nephew's Bar Mitzvah, so that everyone knows you were there to see the rebirth of an icon.

Estimated Delivery: December 2017


$50 - Official Saab Hat

Wear this commemorative hat when you go out to golf with the faculty members, so that they know you were there to see the rebirth of an icon.

Estimated Delivery: December 2017

$45,000 - Official Saab Vehicle

At this perk level, you will receive a Saab manufactured coupe, sedan, crossover, or something. Plus one pin, and one hat.

Estimated Delivery: 2025

$120,000 - (3) Saab Vehicles

Receive three mystery cars at a discounted rate. Plus a handful of pins, and like 10 hats.

Estimated Delivery: 2025

We sincerely hope that this new Saab makes it! I'm guessing that Chrysler is watching this campaign closely to gauge the success of a Plymouth reboot.