Meet the World's #1 Nissan Cube Fan

Jeffrey Borislow might seem your average 20-something Chicago citizen, and for most of the day, that's true. After a long day doing whatever it is he does for work. Jeffrey goes home, logs onto the, and becomes Jeff The Cube Man. Jeff is the Twitterverse's utmost expert on the Nissan Cube, and he has dozens of fans that send him pictures of Cubes all over the world.

Motor Friend was able to secure an exclusive interview with Jeff the Cube Man, himself.

MF: What made you realize your love for the Nissan cube?
Jeff: I always admired how straight forward it is. It is a cube. I only wish I had the courage to be that open about who I am.
Do you have any good stories about meeting other Cube-Lovers?
I have many interactions with members of #CubeNation on a semi-weekly basis. As for in-person interactions, I try to keep a low profile, similar to the tires on a moderately equipped racing #Cube.
What's your favorite feature in the Cube?
I’ve always been a sucker for the carpeted circle on the dash. It doesn’t do anything. I have heard it called “Cubic hair” but that is incredibly rude and unnecessary.
What advice would you give to someone looking to own a Cube?
Someone that smart doesn’t need advice. You should be asking them for advice if anything.
Can you tell us anything about your role in the Baby Driver sequel?
There is a trailer and that’s all I can say. Critics may claim that I made the trailer, but they are dumb and I don’t like them.
Where were you when you heard the Nissan Cube would no longer be produced in America?
WHAT?????? Just kidding. But really, I have not acknowledged this fact publicly or privately. Or emotionally.