Step into the DSM Owners' Rehab Center

At the DSM Clinic, patients are free to fraternize, exercise, and watch any movie they want, as long as it's not The Fast and The Furious.

Just outside of Jacksonville, Florida, in the quaint little village of Baldwin, sits a building about the size of a middle school. In this building, specialized staff are treating patients, and helping to give them a better life. Most of theses types of operations focus on things like drug addiction, or spousal abuse, but this one is dedicated to a condition that has gone unnoticed for far too long. It treats people addicted to buying cars manufactured by Diamond Star Motors.

Look closely, kids. This is what a junkie looks like.

Look closely, kids. This is what a junkie looks like.

I was able to conduct a short phone interview with DSM Clinic founder Kenneth Montegue, and he told why he felt Eclipse owners needed their own rehabilitation facility.

DSMs nearly ruined my life. At my low point, I owned four Eclipses, two Talons, and a Laser. One of them could kind of run, most of the time. I kept telling myself that I would be able to get them all running. That I would sell all but one, and go back to being a casual user. It was all a lie. It seemed like almost every night I was up frying piston rings. I knew I had hit rock bottom when I pawned off my wedding ring just to score some crank bearings. By the time I came back from Napa, Janet was gone. The kids were gone, and I finally saw the monster I had become. So I [redacted], and I used the insurance money to build this place. My only hope is that I can save people from going through the same pain that I did.
— Kenneth Montegue, Founder of the DSM Clinic

When asked if he would accept RX-7 owners at the center, Kenneth said, "Absolutely not," and that they were "too far gone to save."