Toyota Dealer sells Pre-Dented Camrys

If you want to be competitive in just about any market, you have to watch customers closely, and give them what they want. This is exactly what Bell Road Toyota in Pheonix, Arizona did. One fair March morning, sales manager Ty Reed began to notice a phenomenon all too familiar to automotive enthusiasts: The Camry Dent. The Camry Dent is typically a small round dent on the left side of a Camry's rear bumper. Some cars have been known to have a dent on the right side, and a small number of dedicated drivers add dents to the rear quarter-panels, as well. Like any subset of car culture, Camry Denters are just looking for a way to express themselves.


Any rookie salesman would see the dents as a passing fad, but a veteran like Ty knows to get while the getting is good. He convinced his boss to include The Camry Dent as a dealer-installed add-on. It's been three months since then, and the new package has sold gangbusters. Once upon a time, Denters had to resort to backing into oak trees and decorative boulders to get the signature look. Now they can get the modification installed safely with a precision dead-blow hammer, and it won't void the factory warranty.

I couldn’t be happier with this Denter craze, we charge $500 for our base dent package. Of course, there are discounts if you get it installed on a brand new car. On our $1500 premium package, we’ll even smash a taillight, and nick all four wheels with an air hammer. At Bell Road, we are dedicated to giving our customers the authentic Camry experience.
— Ty Reed -General Sales Manager, Bell Road Toyota