Dodge & Tolkien Unite for Middle Earth Edition Challenger

Middle Earth: Shadow of War developer Monolith Productions made a special announcement, yesterday. The upcoming Lord of the Rings spin-off game will feature a 2018 Challenger SRT, presumably driven by game's main character, Talion. In addition, Dodge will be producing a special edition car to match the one in Shadow of War.

Monolith is excited to make a very big announcement about the upcoming Middle Earth: Shadow of War. You know, this game world is almost twice as big as the last one, and we realized early on in development that the player would need a vehicle to traverse it all. We also understood that not just any ride would do. It had to be fast, and match Talion’s bad-ass persona. So we got in contact with Dodge, and they were more than happy to let us include the Salinger SRT. With it’s 485 horsepower Hemi engine, it will outrun just about any Orc or Eagle. If J.R.R. Tolkien were alive today, I’m sure even he’d be impressed by the 2018 Challenger’s surprisingly affordable performance.

If you thought driving this beast of Mordor in-game wasn’t enough, you’ll also be happy to know that you can find the Challenger: Middle Earth Edition at Dodge dealers as the game is released in October.
— Monolith Productions
Artist's Rendering

Artist's Rendering

Chrysler has been no stranger to video game tie-ins. They released special Call of Duty branded Jeep Wranglers for two years. There were only a few thousand of those Wranglers produced, so if you want a Middle Earth Challenger, you better not sleep on it!